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Extending Core ROADM Benefits Throughout the Network  

Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing is a perfect fit for the needs and evolving architectures of today’s service providers.  To date, it has had a home in the core of carrier networks, but bandwidth stresses resulting from the ever-increasing needs of businesses and consumers is compelling carriers to take the critical next step of extending its value to the metro edge.

Core ROADMs offer the full flexibility of delivering any wavelength to any node throughout the ring infrastructure. They automate the optical layer to remove error-prone service provisioning, and equalize signal loss across all wavelengths, reducing the need for costly signal boosting equipment. As customers demand service connections for IP-TV, Video on Demand, SAN and other applications from office to office, reconfigurability is extremely rapid, and maximally flexible. ROADMs employ switching fabrics that multiply fiber ring flexibility beyond east-west ring ins and outs to an integrated wavelength selectable switch (IWSS) mesh at each node, relieving unnecessary optical-to-electrical-to-optical conversion of pass-through traffic.

The greatest limitations of today’s core ROADM architectures lie in their non-modularity, their cost and their over-engineered functionality for many applications in and beyond the core network.  Although up to 100% wavelength add/drop is often required, a low-cost, two-degree ROADM with this level of flexibility will meet the needs of 90% of the nodes in the network.

Nistica's FLEDGE family of modules address these problems by matching their functionality to their locations in the network. They automate provisioning, dramatically reduce first costs of deploying reconfigurability, and increase common equipment margins for OEMs. They reduce operational complexities via automated deployment and single-code device, and allow carriers to incrementally deploy high-bandwidth services more cost-effectively than core ROADMs can.

Nistica extends the benefits of Core ROADMs out to the optical edge with unprecedented cost-effectiveness and performance. The FLEDGE family of modules are complementary to these critical network elements and inter-work with them seamlessly for the delivery of today’s most demanding metro and access services.


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