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Careers at Nistica

Raising the bar on lean optical performance.

Nistica is a global supplier of agile optical modules that simplify, automate and make affordable the delivery of high bandwidth applications.

Founded in January 2005 with the vision of automating the edge and metro core of the optical network, Nistica has designed its products for optical system OEM vendors around the world. Over the past decade, the founders have been instrumental in bringing ROADM technology to market and creating viable solutions for wavelength selective switching (WSS) applications.

Nistica has drawn on this knowledge to develop the FLEDGE series of products and devise cutting edge devices that enable systems providers across multiple industries to meet ever-increasing demand.

The company has deep credentials in agile optical networking systems development and its team has worked with Tier-One service providers, wholesale backbone networks and next-gen carriers. Perhaps most important to Nistica's value proposition, the team understands the tremendous challenges facing OEMs and helps them sustain their leadership, while continuously innovating and improving system performance.

Nistica has a lean and agile set of engineering, manufacturing and customer support resources to keep its aggressive cost and performance targets achievable. The company has secured strategic suppliers and manufacturers whose quality and reputations are undisputed in the global marketplace. Nistica has raised two rounds of venture-based financing and is shipping fully qualified subsystems to its customers and partners.

One of Nistica's founding principles is to work closely with customers and utilize their feedback during product development. This commitment has successfully secured many customers who are evaluating carrier network requirements and incorporating Nistica's products into their latest system architectures.

Nistica takes its corporate symbol from the Bristlecone Pine, reputed to be the most ancient of all living species on earth. This remarkable tree has a stable photosynthetic capacity to survive over millennia of environmental challenges, and thrive in different geological and climatic regions. In the natural realm, it is truly an innovative, adaptable and tenacious species. The Nistica name comes from the concept of being productively opportunistic, providing timely solutions to customers as needs arise, and focusing on the essentials of getting to market.

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