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The Nistica FLEDGE 2 introduces a high level of performance and flexibility in a two-port tunable fiber-optic band pass filter.  This device allows dynamic provisioning settable in 1 GHz increments for both the center wavelength and bandwidth of the filter.  This filter is ideal for high performance applications where spectral isolation, flattop filter function and  low chromatic dispersion are required. 

This two-port filter is ideal for applications in high-bit rate spectral channel filtering, including reach enhancement of 40 - 100 Gb/s signals, secure demultiplexing of very dense WDM channels (<100 GHz), and agile WDM “colorless” and bandwidth agnostic interfaces which are configurable to optimally filter spectral signals.

Major Features

  • Single product code: Tunable to any C-band wavelength
  • 30-160 GHz 3 dB BW tunability
  • 1 GHz CWL, BW set point resolution
  • Ultra high-performance filtering
  • Optional VOA capabilities
  • Small footprint, low power
  • I2C or RS-232 interface
  • Certified for RoHS 6 applications

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