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The Nistica FLEDGE 3 introduces a high level of flexibility in a low cost wavelength router suitable for edge applications. The user can dynamically decide which wavelength to drop at a location and then seamlessly grow dropped bandwidth on an as needed basis. Hitless performance guarantees that previously deployed services will be unaffected.

The FLEDGE 3 eliminates pre-determination of a wavelength plan. Further, there is no need to predetermine the traffic demand or wavelength capacity at a site or to disrupt an existing service to add capacity. Remote programmability enables the choice of the number of wavelengths to drop and the location of the wavelengths in the C-band.

Major Features:

  • Hitless tuning – no service disruption of deployed wavelengths
  • From 0 to 8 contiguous wavelengths routed to/from third port
  • Single product code: Any C-band wavelength
  • High-performance filtering (100, 50 or 25 GHz channels)
  • Low insertion loss, all paths
  • 40 Gb/s ready
  • Optional VOA capabilities
  • Small footprint, low power
  • I2C or RS-232 interface
  • Certified for RoHS 6 applications

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