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The Nistica FULL FLEDGE offers the ultimate in flexibility in a low cost wavelength selective switch (WSS) suitable for core and edge applications. The user can dynamically drop any wavelength to any port and then seamlessly change drop capacity on an as needed basis. Designed with the highest resolution optics and ultra-reliable DLP® Technology from Texas Instruments, the FULL FLEDGE provides a flexible channel plan together with dynamic per-channel power equalization. In addition, the FULL FLEDGE supports up to 3 switch module confgiurations and one or two integrated optical channel monitors in the same package for both ring and mesh applications. With its industry leading footprint and switching speed the FULL FLEDGE 50 is the best wavelength routing solution for core metro and edge networks.

Major Features
  • Stable, vibration insensitive digital mirror actuation capable of long-term open loop operation
  • One or two optional integrated optical monitors
  • Hitless tuning – no service disruption of deployed wavelengths
  • Programmable wavelength plan to support mixtures of channel spacing with 3 GHz resolutionn
  • Flexible to network applications with ring or mesh configurations in same package
  • Advanced core network support for mixed channel plans and optimized programmable filter passband
  • Future proof for 40 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s and 400Gb/s channel support
  • High performance per wavelength VOA capabilities on all paths
  • Small footprint, industry leading density with optional optics only package
  • Certified with EU RoHS 6, UL V-0 flammability rating

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