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Nistica's FULL FLEDGE family of field-programmable products offers industry-leading flexibility for core and edge applications. This programmability enables user-defined channel spacing and channel plans, future-proofing the network by allowing any channel spacing/count to accommodate new transmission technologies.

The FOURIER Waveblocker Array is a network building block with optical programmability of up to 12 wavelength blockers in a single module. Each wavelength blocker has independent block/transmit functionality and programmable VOA power level control for all channels. The module can be ordered with different optical resolutions in the same package, enabling a single platform solution that can be cost-effectively deployed in core and edge networks with mixed channel spacing. The FOURIER Waveblocker Array solution offers the most sophisticated optical functionality in a compact module at the most competitive cost per port in the industry.

Major Features:

  • Adaptable to colorless MUX/DEMUX network applications with cost-effective fully programmable ports
  • Advanced core network support for mixed directionless coupling in multi-degree mesh networks
  • Available in different levels of channel resolution 100GHz, 50GHz, and 25GHz
  • Stable, vibration insensitive digital mirror actuation capable of long-term open loop operation
  • Programmable wavelength plan to support mixtures of channel spacing with 3 GHz resolution
  • Future proof for 40 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s and 400Gb/s channel support
  • Software programmable VOA capabilities on all paths
  • Small footprint, industry leading density with optional optics only package

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