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Helping MSPPs Grow into Video and Wavelength Delivery

The Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) is a time-division multiplexing (TDM) based network element that has evolved to support dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM), Ethernet, and storage area networking (SAN) interfaces alongside TDM. MSPPs have successfully helped operators take advantage of the reliability and capacity of fiber optics and collapse their networks, thus gaining higher levels of service density and driving down the cost-per-bit in the network.

Embedded carrier infrastructures are heavily based on TDM-centric SONET/SDH rings. The MSPPs have been deployed into legacy carrier networks tosit on the metro rings, helping to collect traffic from and distribute sub-wavelength traffic to access rings. However as higher bandwidth, multimedia services like IPTV, Video on Demand and managed wavelength services arrive on the scene, MSPPsare challenged to deliver the full wavelength scalability and service density now required in metro core and edge networks. Service providers are loath to add burdensome operations costs when scaling beyond the line rates of 10 Gb/s. This requirement implies new fibers cannot be pulled and truck rolls must be minimized for provisioning beyond 10 Gb/s. Stacking MSPPs on multiple fibers is not an option.

Nistica's FLEDGE architecture dramatically enhances wavelength traffic delivery in MSPP networks while reducing both CapEx and OpEx. Nistica’s tunable filters and edge ROADM modules provide scalable solutions to drive the deliverable wavelength boundary of MSPPs beyond the 10 Gb/s range and optimize the footprint requirements in scarce central office real estate. In summary, Nistica helps the graceful growth of MSPPs and enables the delivery of IP multimedia service in a cost-effective manner.


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Work at Nistica

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