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Nistica offers a Preferred Partner Program to our initial customers who are amongst the first to embrace our newly launched products. This program offers an active engagement from our visionaries and designers who will provide intelligent subsystems and services that will help our partners seamlessly integrate our new products into their optical systems. This partnership also helps defray some of our initial costs and non-recurring expenses as we design, develop and scale our facilities to satisfy your volume demands and meet your timelines.

From a business perspective this program offers several advantages including preferred pricing, prioritized volume commitments and sample prototypes at reasonable prices. We are committed to tracking our preferred partner's forecasts and delivering on those unexpected large orders with the highest priority.

As our partners well know, creating novel flexible architectures for the edge, metro-core and long-haul markets, while maintaining simplified engineering rules and competitive price points, is the biggest challenge faced by optical designers. We at Nistica are not only committed to supplying novel products of carrier-class quality but also in assisting our partners in the design and integration of our products into the higher-level optical systems. This assistance includes help in modifying system design rules, tracking bugs at the system level and providing an in-depth insight into the perspective and requirements of our eventual end-customers , the carriers. Of course, we recognize that our customers are intimately aware of these requirements as well and our assistance is offered only when sought and needed.

This program offers time-to-market advantages to our partners who compete in the world-wide ROADM-enabled WDM equipment market. The combination of early samples, engineering design collaboration and preferential business terms and conditions makes this program very attractive to our early adopters who are committed to simplifying the optical layer in a cost-effective, elegant manner.

Please feel free email us at for additional details regarding our Preferred Partner Program.

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