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Nistica's FLEDGEŽ and FOURIERŽ series of products breaks new ground in design, functionality, and performance by extending flexibility to the edge of agile optical networks. Our lean, flexible and intelligent ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer) subsystems supplant FOADM (Fixed Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer) dependent networks. Furthermore, the FLEDGEŽ series delivers superior optical performance at a lower first cost over comparable products deployed in core networks and enables cost-effective ROADM functions in the edge of the network. Nistica's Wavelength Selective Switching (WSS) modules remotely reconfigure optical signals without the need for time-consuming manual intervention.

Nistica revolutionizes ROADM use in the agile optical network and offers a seamless, low cost, high performance solutions.

Numerous elements set the Nistica family of products apart from the costly and cumbersome competition:

Compact Design. Industry-leading density brought about by best-in-class footprint for any channel spacing. Choose the compact optics-only module or the conventional module with integrated electronics.

Field Programmable Optics. Flexible channel plans and custom filter functions to free your network from the bane of fixed channel spacing and accommodate 100+Gb/s bit rates.

One Package, One Software. Whether your application calls for C-band, L-band, 25/50/100 GHz channel spacing, or 1x2/3/4 functionality, no hardware or software redesign is required with our drop-in replacement designs.

Integrated Optical Monitoring. Borne by the same core technology that powers our WSS platform, the FLEDGEŽ Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) supports field programmable channel plans and scans faster than any other integrated optical monitor in the market.

Stable Operation. Digital mirror actuation enables a drift less, stable, open-loop operation with the best absolute attenuation accuracy in the industry.

Modulation Format Independence. Polarization independent design offers ultra-low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL), resulting in dependable transmission of current and future polarization multiplexed signal formats.

High Reliability. Multiple pixels per channel and a mature switching technology make possible a highly reliable device with unparalleled stability and an industry leading FIT rate.

Ask about the Nistica FLEDGEŽ series of devices characterized by sharp filter edges, flat tops and low optical insertion losses, allowing graceful growth in today's ever-changing agile networks.

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